Cabinet refresh

This was a small project for a client that wanted their kitchen cabinets rearranged and refreshed.

As you can see, the cabinet is somewhat overloaded and chaotic, it takes time to find what you need. The first step is to clear everything and to assess what you are working with:

This way you have a blank canvas and can see more clearly the space you can use. The bonus is that you get to throw away expired products and maybe decant some of the products.

This was a maybe half an hour job, fitting everything and rearranging according to the two-step rule and the frequency of use. The client now has a place for everything and everything in its place and has a photo as a visual reminder to help them keep everything neat.

If you have any questions or would like me to help you with a similar issue, please contact me via contact form, I’m available for free online consultation.

Hang in there

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A good way to save some space and add some instant storage options is to use hooks. There is a variety to choose from whether horizontal or vertical, door hangers, wall hangers, self-adhesive hooks and those with suction cups, you name it. Use your imagination and available space to add some instant storage to your bedroom, bathroom, kids’ room, kitchen, or hallway, and if the idea doesn’t stick, you can always remove it or put it somewhere else.

A pop of color

Adding a pop of color to your existing color palette can bring much needed joy and freshness to your home. Think where you can add color, it can be something like a new throw pillow cover, a fresh bouquet of flowers, or a new feature wall, you just have to look around and get inspired. If you are not keen on those items, you can change them seasonally or use them occasionally. Just remember to keep a three color palette in your space for a balanced look – a dominant color, a secondary color, and an accent color. If you need any help in choosing color palette for your home or need an update with some fresh accents, I’m available for virtual consultations, you can contact me via contact form. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Staying home

Since most of the world is forced to stay at home at this time, it seems like a good opportunity to tackle some chores and projects you have been holding off, well, since forever. Try to make a list of what you would like to do and assess which is possible at the moment since you might not have access to all the stuff you may need. Now is a good time to reassess what you really need and can’t live without and what you can get rid of easily – sort what can be donated once this is all over and what is just trash. Don’t pile up on perishable foods if you don’t have enough storage, make a list and try to purchase what you will eat in a week or so, now it is not the time to waste any food. Also, don’t start stress eating – you are probably burning less calories than usually, so try to keep that in mind. Even the smallest project you can think of will help you get through this time. If you need any help with any organizing issues, you can contact me and I will help you with a fresh idea.


Pets are present in almost every home and need to be taken care of properly. They need a place where they can sleep, eat, and have enough room to move and play. A good way to organize pet stuff is to think what will be used where and then find a suitable storage area. Animals are creatures of habit and don’t like their stuff moved too much so you should put some thought into it before you designate an area. Also, keep handy some cleaning supplies because pets tend to create mess which needs to be taken care of on almost daily basis. Good organization will give you more time to have fun and enjoy spending time with your pet.

Hello spring!

Last days of February are here, spring is right around the corner, and this weekend is perfect to update your cleaning supplies. The best approach is to take everything out of your closet or remove from shelf where you usually keep your cleaning supplies and clean everything (there is always some spill and dust no matter how often you clean). Check what you need to rebuy and what you have in excess and put everything back so that it makes sense to you and so that you can easily find it later. This will inspire you to keep cleaning and clearing every part of your home from top to bottom. Another step towards neatness!

Quick fix

One of the areas in your home that needs constant purging is the spice shelf/rack. No matter how hard you try, there will always be that one spice that is past its best before date, or one that you just keep rebuying even though you already have three. Take everything out, clean and reassess, and then put it all back in a way that works for you. It doesn’t have to take more than 5-10 minutes, but you’ll feel much better afterwards. Another step taken towards neatness!

Same space, three kitchens

Clients have a defined kitchen area in the middle of their apartment. They would like to know how they can utilize the space without moving the plumbing fixture which is on the far fall on the right:

The first solution is the following one:

Fridge on the left, oven on the right, sink in the middle. The kitchen triangle is there, we have enough work space and storage:

The second version is with a double fridge:

Now the fridge and the oven switched places, there is a bit less worktop than in the first version but still enough space for cooking and storing:

The third version is the most open, with less cabinets for storage but enough counter tops for preparing food and entertaining:

In this version we have a peninsula that doubles as a work space and eating area. Fridge is again smaller to fit some storage cabinets:

The clients went with the third option because they like to entertain and know that they’ll get the most out of this space.

Kitchen project

This is one of my favorite kitchen projects. The client took some photos and sent them together with the measurements of the space. They wanted a light and functional area with enough counter top and storage. As you can see, the kitchen area is small and has some strange wall recesses, but nothing that cannot be solved.

The kitchen work triangle was placed first according to the placement of gas and plumbing fixtures and then the cabinets were arranged to fit into the available space. To help the client organize their kitchen I even suggested the placement of kitchenware in the cabinets.

The client was very pleased with this project saying that the kitchen was fully functional with enough counter space and storage. These are the client’s photos after the kitchen was installed and in use. Neat and cozy.

Second bedroom

Clients wanted to convert an one bedroom apartment into a two bedroom apartment.

According to the floor plan they provided, the envisioned dining area is just about the right size and shape to convert into a second bedroom. There is no need to tear down any walls, so the room can be easily enclosed by adding just one wall and slightly extending the existing wall next to the living area into the hallway. The door will be opening to the right for easier passage. On the left a built in closet, to use all the storage space available, under a window a large double bed, leaving just enough space on both sides for small nightstands.

This project manages to fulfill the clients’ wishes for a second bedroom without sacrificing too much of the living space area. The apartment maintains good flow and the rooms and areas are logically placed throughout the whole apartment. The clients are pleased with this project and can’t wait to start remodeling their home.