Scale up or down

Depending on the size of the space you have, you should adjust the size of your furniture. If a room is too small and furniture too large for it, the room will feel cramped and uninviting. In an opposite case, when a large space is filled with furniture that is too small in scale, the space will feel empty and lacking. The use of color is also a good way to create focal points or make spaces feel larger or smaller, depending on the mood you intend to create. If you don’t feel confident enough to choose the best items or colors for your space, you can always contact a professional who is ready to help you.

Read this

Bookcases are a fun project to tackle, there are so many ways to arrange them but not everything will work for everyone. To find the right system that is suitable for the existing collection and any further add-ons, you may have to sort through it and try several solutions before reaching the right one. Also, you should never forget to make the arrangement appealing to the eye because it adds a focal point to any room.

Add color

When planning your activities and chores, it is a good idea to use colors for each of them, sorted in a way that makes sense to you just by looking at the color. You can use colorful sticky notes in your paper planner or choose from a variety of digital planners like Google Calendar, TimeTree, or ZenDay. Remember to assign colors systematically to avoid any confusion. Another step towards neatness made!

Like with like

First weekend of the year is here so you should use this time to sort out any mess in your kitchen that is left over from the holidays. A good rule of thumb is to put together like with like as it makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for. Another good arranging principle is the two-step rule which basically means you shouldn’t have to move more than 2 items to get to the one you need. Take your time and rearrange the items so it is convenient for you, but don’t forget the visual aspect as well. If it is too overwhelming or time consuming for you, don’t be afraid to ask for professional help .

Adopt new habits

Start your day with a nutritious meal and see how your life gets better with this simple step. Organize your time to include a healthy breakfast in your diet and see how your energy levels increase. This new habit will inspire you to tackle at least one problem area per day, it doesn’t have to take more than 5-10 minutes, but you will soon see the difference and less clutter. It only takes one step in the right direction to get neater.

First step

As the festivities end it is time to tackle the first step for this year – your fridge. We all know it has seen better days and now more than ever needs some TLC so it can serve you well and provide good sustenance. Remove any leftover food that expired and clean up mess to make room for more vegetables and other healthy foods you may crave – your body will thank you later. Remember to fill the fridge in a way that will keep food fresh longer and enjoy the newfound joy of getting neat one step at a time.

Hello there!

A new year is a a good time to start working on getting neater in your life. It doesn’t have to be a life changing resolution that you will later regret ever making, just a small step in a direction that will eventually get you to a neat life. Organized doesn’t mean boring or strenuous, it means more time for fun and leisure. This site will help you get there.