Same space, three kitchens

Clients have a defined kitchen area in the middle of their apartment. They would like to know how they can utilize the space without moving the plumbing fixture which is on the far fall on the right:

The first solution is the following one:

Fridge on the left, oven on the right, sink in the middle. The kitchen triangle is there, we have enough work space and storage:

The second version is with a double fridge:

Now the fridge and the oven switched places, there is a bit less worktop than in the first version but still enough space for cooking and storing:

The third version is the most open, with less cabinets for storage but enough counter tops for preparing food and entertaining:

In this version we have a peninsula that doubles as a work space and eating area. Fridge is again smaller to fit some storage cabinets:

The clients went with the third option because they like to entertain and know that they’ll get the most out of this space.

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