Second bedroom

Clients wanted to convert an one bedroom apartment into a two bedroom apartment.

According to the floor plan they provided, the envisioned dining area is just about the right size and shape to convert into a second bedroom. There is no need to tear down any walls, so the room can be easily enclosed by adding just one wall and slightly extending the existing wall next to the living area into the hallway. The door will be opening to the right for easier passage. On the left a built in closet, to use all the storage space available, under a window a large double bed, leaving just enough space on both sides for small nightstands.

This project manages to fulfill the clients’ wishes for a second bedroom without sacrificing too much of the living space area. The apartment maintains good flow and the rooms and areas are logically placed throughout the whole apartment. The clients are pleased with this project and can’t wait to start remodeling their home.

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